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J. Herbin calligraphy set – Middle Ages

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  • Goose feather quill pen
  • Parchment paper
  • 10ml pot of red ink included
  • Comes in a beautiful case

The J. Herbin calligraphy set – The Middle Ages contain a goose feather and a parchment paper sheet, and a 10 ml red ink jar from the same French house comes as accessory.

In the Middle Ages, monks and kings wrote on parchment (tanned goat skin) or vellum (beef skin). The writing instrument they used was a goose, eagle, swan, duck or turkey feather. The ink consisted of mineral pigments mixed with rubber (tree sap) and water. Charlemagne was the first to institutionalize the “Carolina” minuscule, which became common for all European countries.

It comes presented in a beautiful case.

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